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Where To Spend Your Money

Posted on Apr 4, 2016 by in Renovation | 0 comments


Renovating your home can be a huge investment, especially with the economy at present. The key to getting the return for your money is to know exactly where to spend it and to stay focused on the reason why you decided to renovate initially.

Before starting a renovation big or small, you need to define your end goal. At Perth Renovation Projex, we call it identifying your why/reason.

For example, are you renovating to sell?

Renovating with a nonnegotiable budget?

Renovating to rent?

Renovating to draw equity?

OR, are you renovating your existing home (or newly acquired home) to have the home you have always wanted and dreamed of?

The answer to where to spend and how to do your renovation, depends on your answer to these questions!

Don’t worry too much, that’s what we are here for. One of our experienced professionals will attend your property and use their years of experience to analyse the condition of the property and your why/reason. From there, a plan will be created to ensure your desired outcome is achieved.

We also deal with investors who are overseas and can’t meet in person. In this instance, we would collaborate with property managers and selling agents to assist with your investment needs and goals.

This picture was actually from an investment property that was in desperate need of a renovation. It actually went down in Perth Renovation Projex history amongst the team due to a particular member of the team having to exit stage left because he was going to be sick! Hmmm wonder who that was, the painter? The tiler? Maybe the chippy? NO… THE PLUMBER… yes you read right… it was THAT GOOD!!! 


It was a property that our clients had acquired through a buyers agency that they were going to subdivide and renovate in order to sell for profit. The budget was relatively tight when you look at the original condition of the property and the extent of works that were to be done.


In situations like this, the best way to proceed is to try and keep as much of the original fixtures as possible and then restore them. This picture shows the kitchen after it was sprayed. The cabinets were taken away, striped and re painted and the splashback was also cleaned and then sprayed.


Spraying (provided you have a good painter) is a great way to up date without replacing. Most business will offer around 6 years warranty on their work giving piece of mind too.


The main parts of this renovation included:

          Paint throughout.

          Bathrooms, laundry and kitchen spraying.

          New appliances and plumbing fixtures.

          New shower screen and mirror.

          New bathroom ceiling.

          New laundry trough and small tiled splashback above.

          New flooring throughout.

          Light fixtures left and just updated to oyster lights.

          Slight open planning with removing a floating wall.

          And most of all… an extensive clean!

The first WHY you need to ask yourself is WHY take the risk when Perth Renovation Projex is just a call away? At Perth Renovation Projex, we specialise in creating strategies that will add value to renovations and can show you where to spend for maximum results no matter what your WHY is.

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