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Perth Renovation Projex provides unique, high-quality renovations for diverse residential and commercial projects across Perth. Whether fitting out new builds, renovating an investment property for profit, updating your own home or revamping a business space, our experienced team will help you realise the potential of your project – on your budget.

Renovations are not limited to fixing something that’s broken. A renovation can drastically change the mood and ambience of a room, home or business. Want to modernise your café? We can help you. Want to change the purpose of a room in your home? We can give you ideas and the best options for the space and your budget. Want to give your brand new home a top-quality interior finish? We can provide qualified, professional tradesmen and guide you through the whole process.

We’re here to help make your life easier. Our team is experienced in every aspect of the renovation process, from the consultation through to design, costings and project management.

We build genuine relationships with our clients. Our knowledge, experience and step-by-step approach ensures a seamless experience, quality workmanship, a result we can be proud of – and one you’ll love!

Our Guarantee - At Perth Renovation Projex, we guarantee you will experience a renovation designed especially to suit your needs.

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When Perth Renovation Projex provides you a costing for the works to be done at your property, you can rest easy knowing that the amount listed is the total amount required to complete the renovation.


Our tradesmen are tried, tested and possess outstanding workmanship and professionalism.


You will have experienced professionals handling the entire process from quotes, managing trades, organising suppliers, running budgets, stock deliveries and handling all issues as they arise. All the work is done for you so that you can focus on your priorities and busy schedules.


Once you have made the decision to proceed with Perth Renovation Projex, you will be given a works calendar that will tell you when and which tradesmen will be on site. This is reviewed as needed and emailed to you for your convenience. Perth Renovation Tradesmen will have the same calendar and follow this to the dot. Our tradesmen will be on your job when we say so you won’t have to chase workers who fail to prioritise your renovation.


All our tradesmen are insured, registered and possess the necessary qualifications to perform works to your property.

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Owner and Project Manager/Site Supervisor

Kayne Jensen

Builder & Owner

Carolyn Burton

Project Manager

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