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Thinking about renovating your home and aren’t quite sure where to begin? Maybe you have a few ideas in mind when it comes to structure changes or what you don’t want in the rooms any longer, but you aren’t too sure what will work for your space? Perth Renovation Projex doesn’t just carry out the hands-on elements of Perth home renovations – we also have experts on hand when it comes to home design. We are skilled at working with what each property has to offer and can uniquely transform spaces to their full potential. We provide expert advice and strategy planning as well as a house or room and provide recommendations on what will and won’t work, and what your potential options are.

Interior design isn’t as easy as it sounds: it isn’t just about choosing your favourite colours or materials and hoping they will all work together in a room or home. It’s about ensuring that each room complements the next, that each element of a room works in tandem or contrasts perfectly, and that each design is functional and safe. At Perth Renovation Projex, we understand these concepts in every aspect to help you design your dream home.

We assist with colour consultation, schemes and materials for your renovation and work with you to create a functional open plan layout. Our design consultants are experienced and knowledgeable. We won’t take over when it comes to creating your dream home or space. We work closely with clients to ensure their dream is achieved.




When Perth Renovation Projex provides you a costing for the works to be done at your property, you can rest easy knowing that the amount listed is the total amount required to complete the renovation.


Our tradesmen are tried, tested and possess outstanding workmanship and professionalism.


You will have experienced professionals handling the entire process from quotes, managing trades, organising suppliers, running budgets, stock deliveries and handling all issues as they arise. All the work is done for you so that you can focus on your priorities and busy schedules.


Once you have made the decision to proceed with Perth Renovation Projex, you will be given a works calendar that will tell you when and which tradesmen will be on site. This is reviewed as needed and emailed to you for your convenience. Perth Renovation Tradesmen will have the same calendar and follow this to the dot. Our tradesmen will be on your job when we say so you won’t have to chase workers who fail to prioritise your renovation.


All our tradesmen are insured, registered and possess the necessary qualifications to perform works to your property.

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