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1. Ready to take action on your Renovation? A phone call is all it takes! One of our professional team members at Perth Renovation Projex will answer your call and take you through the first part of our step by step, client friendly, process. If you wish to proceed with the Initial Design and budget Consultation Meeting an appointment will be booked at the property in question.

2. Now that you have a plan and all the important details have been addressed, it’s time to cost the project. This is where we activate our Trades To Site Meeting. The complete team of Perth Renovation Projex will attend an onsite meeting at your property for approximately an hour. We encourage you to attend this meeting for your input and to hear any additional ideas from the experts. Once this meeting has been conducted, a fixed quote will then be created and presented back to you, at the property in question, at a time convenient to you.

3. Should this costing be accepted, a 6% deposit will be required and your renovation will be officially booked with Perth Renovation Projex.

4. All council, architectural drawings and required documentation is completed at this stage. The Energy Efficiency and council requirements are also addressed at this point.

5. Schedule of works is created and distributed to trades and clients

6. Phase 1 – Demolition.

7. Phase 2 – Re build.

8. Phase 3 – Finishes and final touches.

9. Handover – Client and Perth Renovation Projex complete a handover report.

10. Any required corrections are made here according to notes from Handover

11. Final Handover and clients signature on completion

12. Final Payment to be made

13. Key returned to client

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