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Choosing the right products and colour scheme for your renovation or new build can be overwhelming. What if you don’t like the result that you’ve initially chosen? What if you blow the budget? What if you don’t have the time to oversee the project? With Perth Renovation Projex acting as your Renovation Consultant, we will help you to get it right, stay on budget and free up your time!

Who benefits from this service?
Those who are building and don’t want to lose money at pre-start.
Those who have an investment property and don’t know what needs to be done to make the property highly rentable or sellable.
Those who want a renovation company to handle everything from design, to conducting the work.
Those who want to do the renovation themselves but need assistance with ideas, tips and tricks to ensure they are on the right path.

When renovating, it’s important to ensure that there is consistency where the ‘old’ meets the ‘new’. You must consider ways to modernise whilst keeping the period of the house intact, themes that will work within the character of the house and sourcing quality products at a reasonable price.

Perth Renovation Projex offers a helping hand when your project has components that you can’t perform. We can assist you with budgeting and offer coaching throughout the entire renovation. We even provide you with tried and tested trades and suppliers for those wanting to attempt a renovation on their own.

Perth Renovation Projex recommends that you create a detailed list and project plan before your consultation with one of our specialists which will assist with our designer’s decision process. We love seeing imagery and creative of homes you love or furniture and fittings you would like to have. Perth Renovation Projex works with you to drive the result you want.




When Perth Renovation Projex provides you a costing for the works to be done at your property, you can rest easy knowing that the amount listed is the total amount required to complete the renovation.


Our tradesmen are tried, tested and possess outstanding workmanship and professionalism.


You will have experienced professionals handling the entire process from quotes, managing trades, organising suppliers, running budgets, stock deliveries and handling all issues as they arise. All the work is done for you so that you can focus on your priorities and busy schedules.


Once you have made the decision to proceed with Perth Renovation Projex, you will be given a works calendar that will tell you when and which tradesmen will be on site. This is reviewed as needed and emailed to you for your convenience. Perth Renovation Tradesmen will have the same calendar and follow this to the dot. Our tradesmen will be on your job when we say so you won’t have to chase workers who fail to prioritise your renovation.


All our tradesmen are insured, registered and possess the necessary qualifications to perform works to your property.

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