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Trades to site Service and Fixed Costing

Let the fun begin!

Once the renovation has been thoroughly planned and a budget has been set, the next stage is what we call trades-to-site. This is where the magic happens and what our Clients most enjoy about our process.

Why Investors and business owners love this service?

The whole point of having an investment property or running a business is to profit – so you can’t afford blowouts – especially when renovating. As the initial design and budget meeting has been conducted, at this meeting, the trades and suppliers work together to clarify the best approach for your renovation, based on the set budget. With the fixed costing option, investors and business owners can work the numbers and leave the renovation to us.

Why DIY clients love this service?

DIY renovators use this service to compare how much it would cost to engage professionals to do the work with what it would cost to do it themselves. Importantly, it gives them an idea of expected trouble areas/challenges that often get picked up by the trades. And yes, sometimes after they’ve done their maths, they engage Perth Renovation Projex to do the renovation!

Why DIY Clients love this service?

Homeowners enjoy this process as it eases their concerns about the negative preconceptions about renovations – the mess, unknown trades, rough trades, unreliable trades. Any concerns about the process and common practice are discussed before the Trades To Site meets.

What you get/What’s included (1 hour on site):

  • Meet the Perth Renovation Projex team
  • Meet your site supervisor – who will be overseeing the renovation
  • Have one-on-one time with every tradesperson who will be working on your renovation
  • Opportunity to communicate your vision and suggestions, and ask the experts questions
  • Hear expert ideas and proposed solutions
  • Learn about the processes required to realise your renovation
  • Quote presented within 10 working days
  • One free variation

Fixed costing

Once all trades and suppliers have been to site and Perth Renovation Projex has priced your selected finishes, you will receive a fixed costing.

“You’ll know exactly how much your renovation will cost and what specifications are included.”

Cost: $600 + GST

NOTE: if you engage Perth Renovation Projex to do your renovation, this fee will be deducted from the cost of the renovation! Everybody wins!

TIP: Disclose your budget so we can deliver what you want and make this process free!

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