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If you don’t do it with LOVE… don’t do it at all!

Posted on May 22, 2019 by in The Woman behind the Business | 0 comments


If you don’t do it with LOVE… don’t do it at all!

It really applies to everything we do but I find it especially true in renovations!

Whether it is in DIY or in a professional capacity… if YOUR HEART isn’t in it… don’t bother!

Renovations are in the simplest of terms… I creation!

A work of Art!

Turning old into new!

Bringing life to what has now faded!

It’s a creation of blood, sweat and tears!

A collaboration of vision, skill and dedication to the end result!

You can’t pick it up and put it down!

It is always on your mind, constantly moving and developing… growing into the final masterpiece!

The value is in the creation… in the art… in the final masterpiece!

Not everyone will appreciate your art.

Not everyone will want to buy your art.

Not everyone will find it their taste on art.

Not everyone will value your art.

Some… will not even understand that it is art!

But if you have created it from LOVE of your art… it will always be perfect and rewarding, no matter what!

You do not do what you do for external praise!

You do what you do to give a gift of creation!

Wall art valued at $500k some would not take for free!

Others, would live their lives to acquire the same piece!

This is true of renovations.

What one LOVES… another would want to rip it all out and renovate to their taste!

What one desires… another would not!

Think about this when you renovate for the market 😉😊.

Think of this when you see floorboards and you prefer tiles!

Think of this when you see a beautiful home but it’s just not your taste!

This is the beauty of creating!

This is the value of your art!

Perfectly polished floors to most, would simply be observed as beautiful!

But to others and especially flooring specialists… may be observed based on the imperfections undetectable by most!

Think of a large, stone kitchen!

To most it would be admired on a whole. Then to a kitchen installer… it would be critiqued according every single detail known only by those who create such art!

So how do you know if your work/art/creation/renovation is “good enough”?

Do you LOVE it?

Does it represent ALL that you set out to create and more?

Do YOU believe it is in fact finished/perfect in its wholeness?

Does it leave YOU proud and happy?

Are you excited to show the world?

Then… it is perfect!

Perfection in its self is not achievable!

Define perfect?

Floors or tiles?

Tin or tile?

Grass or pavers?

6 bedrooms or 2?

Open plan or sectioned?

River or hills?

6 million dollars or $200,000?

No… perfection is in the eye of the beholder!

The painting is either worth every penny or it couldn’t be given away!

When you create to achieve perfection… you will be left disappointed… !

When you create with LOVE… to what you LOVE!

You will ALWAYS succeed!

If you don’t LOVE it… don’t bother!


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