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Integrity is EVERYTHING!

Posted on May 22, 2019 by in Renovation | 0 comments


It happens way too often and it makes my blood boil!!!

I was approached by a young family last year who have been left high and dry by a “builder”!

Why do I say “builder” like that?

Because he wasn’t!!!

He did NOT get council approval like he said he had!
He did NOT build it according to code!
He did NOT build it properly at all really!


Council can’t retrospectively approve it… it needs altering AND… he can’t be touched!

Honestly… WTF!!!

Mistakes are one thing… but own it… fix it… sort it…

We are supposed to HELPING the people who put trust and faith in us!

We are paid to act in integrity and to hand on heart DO OUR BEST!!!

Lying to clients is NOT ok!
Pretending to be a builder is NOT ok!
Doing a crappy ILLEGAL job is disgusting!!!

Good people are getting caught up in this way too often!

Last year we had to rescue a client with 2 builds by the same builder who again, was NOT acting with integrity! Years he left them hurting!

It’s so bloody simple… just act from integrity!!!

There is making mistakes… unfortunate but part of the game, and then there is being a selfish dick who doesn’t care about their work… their clients… their reputation!

So common it’s scary!!!

Apparently today tonight (I think) covered a guy doing this around town and nothing can be done to stop him!

So how do you make sure you don’t get screwed over by a cowboy?

Look… it’s hard actually!

The first thing would be to check them out!

Look at their website. 
Look at their social media.

Do they even have the above?

Are they showing up to show you who they really are?

Then, asking them for their builders registration and checking to see if they are in fact builders.

An honest and reliable builder or company will have no issues showing up to be seen and to provide you with ALL the qualifications you desire to see!

Then… their are testimonials… word of mouth… although, to be fair, testimonials can be fake AND… word of mouth is only as good as the person who is speaking!

Some people will have amazing things to say amd some… just can’t be pleased!

Finally… trust your gut!

I have had beautiful clients choose other building companies purely because they were nervous about their renovation works and felt happier with a male sales rep and site supervisor!

Did it bother me?



As I tell ALL my clients… YOU must be happy before we start!

It’s a relationship!

If it doesn’t FEEL right… don’t do it!

And… side note… I reserve the right to do the same!


I know the clients I desire to work with AND the ones who I get to leave well enough alone!

Why would I take on a client who can’t be pleased in general or who wants to control my processes and team?

In all my many years of doing this… this is where the problems occur in the renovations AND in our relationship!

I have a responsibility to my clients to be honest from the start and to my team to lead them through our processes and to match them with a client we can leave happy and house proud!

Integrity is EVERYTHING!

Just look for integrity in your chosen builder or renovation company xxx

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