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Stop WORRYING about everything you don’t KNOW!

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Stop WORRYING about everything you don’t KNOW!

I know renovating can be scary, trust me! Learning from the tools up to management there have been many scary things I have had to learn, face and conquer! The truth is… there is always MORE to learn!
Each renovation, each trade, each client, each design brief, each council, each extension… it’s ALL different! 
Of course, there are the basics that apply to just about every renovation.

Knowing the Budget
Knowing the reason or purpose for the renovation
Identifying what trades and suppliers are needed
Designing the layouts/floor plans
Doing a schedule 
Selecting your products, just to name a few!

But there are so many other moving parts that come into play, case dependant!

Are we working around serious deadlines?
What special requirements will this project trigger in council?
Will this need planning?
Are there any heritage issues?
Will we need a crane?
If so, what’s required for this to be used on our site?
How will we get access to that side of the property?
How can we support the foundations to take a second story?
How far can we build out?
What credentials should your trades have?
Who needs insurance and when?
What are the neighbours like?
Are we safe in the neighbourhood with theft?
What if we hit limestone?
Do we need to teat the slab when we do brake it for the plumbing?
Does a window need to be in this room?

Honestly… I could go on and on and on with questions I have had to learn the answers to AS I WENT!

But here is the cool part!

This is why you have a TEAM!

Your architect will tell you the best lay out if you can’t quite see it! They will also tell you what council need and require AND how to accommodate this into your project! They can also provide you with software that can give you guided prices for materials based off your plans!!!

Your engineer will tell you how to ensure it is built safe and sound! No big bad wolf will be blowing it down when he gets through with your plans! They will also tell you what products are required and why if you ask! A good one, will even tell you how to substitute what most people would use to suit your budget and man power!

Your plumber will tell you how he is plumbing the toilet, moving the waste, connecting to outside and how to fit it… if you want to know! Otherwise, let him do his job!

The same with the brickies, painters, plasterers, window fitters…..

I spent many years working along side such trades, being shown the why, the how, the right way from the wrong because I LOVE it! But it is NOT IMPORTANT!

What’s important is to know who you need in your corner and what they bring to the table to help you achieve your renovation!

Will you stuff up?

100% !!!

Sorry but it’s true!

However…. Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way!

Usually in the reno world with 
1) Time
2) Money
3) Good problem solving and awareness of how things work or a team who can communicate that to you!
4) A combo of all of the above!

Either way… you will get there in the end!

It is all a learning curve! That said… the faster you take action, the faster you will move through the falling flat on your face part and start running!

Even now, I learn what I don’t know on every reno we do! I actually don’t think I would want to know everything there is to know, even if there was a limit to this information! Ok, totally grateful for learning all I have to date and therefore saving myself from repeating previous “Oh Shit!” moments, but as a whole, I LOVE learning new things, new methods, new tricks, new ideas, new approaches, gaining an even further depth to my knowledge on all the moving parts of what we do!


YOU don’t need to be an expert at everything to get started!

Stop worrying… there will be plenty that gets thrown at you as you go to worry about!

Just start PLANNING!

Get your team or get your renovation company of choice.
Get your budget sorted.
Get your timeframe sorted.
Get your brief – reason/why/purpose/goal/outcome sorted.
Get your product selections sorted.
Make sure you have the required permission.

And then… follow the plan and work with your team!


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