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This was how Perth Renovation Projex came to be!

Posted on May 22, 2019 by in The Woman behind the Business | 0 comments


Oh yes we did!!!

This was how Perth Renovation Projex came to be!

For years this was how I spent my spare time… basically any time I wasn’t teaching.😉🤷‍♀️🤣.

Through doing, you learn more than you can be taught. It’s definitely not for everyone and many I know who think they can “do it themselves” find this out the hard way.

That said…

This particular project was purchased for $465k and sold for $710k!

So was it worth it?

Financially YES! Of course!

But quality of life?

That depends!

This was a 2 year project of LOVE!

Literally EVERY spare second.

That meant…

No travel!
No play!
No living!

(Unless you count doing this and living like this as playing and living!)

We definitely did but… there comes a point where you need to find the balance!

Ideally, you would do this in a property you don’t live in!

Come home and have a clean, hot shower!
Relax on a dust free couch!
Cook in a functional kitchen!
Wash your clothes in a finished laundry!


When you are “feeling it”…

Go back to the dust pit!🤣

Living in an active site is interesting to say the least!

It is a lifestyle choice and for sure you had want to LOVE it.


Get smart about it!

If you have kids who want your spare time. 
If you have a partner who doesn’t share your passion. 
If you like to hit the beach. 
If you like to travel. 
If you like to socialise.
If you like to fish.
If you like to cook and entertain…

Then how much is your time worth AND your quality of life?

I grew up with this and it definitely wasn’t my first house reno I had lived through.

I knew even then that I would end up doing this as a business and actually, I was already doing it for another business!

That is why I was happy to spend my life doing this.

But if you already have a job/business/career… leave it to us!

The ones who eat, breath and sleep it!

The ones who know through both personal and professional experience… what it takes to renovate! How to give you your quality of life AND the home you dream of xx

Or… be like us!!!

Just make sure you LOVE it! Xx

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