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Our Trades to Site 😉

Posted on Jul 2, 2019 by in Renovation | 0 comments


Our Trades to Site 😉
The practices I have in Perth Renovation Projex, have been developed and created from YEARS of doing what we do. There is method to our madness and purpose behind the method.

Our trades to site visits always make me smile.

The team… street party 🤣🤷‍♀️.

Much thanks to my team for making time to support our clients once again.

What most of you might not know, is that on these days, everyone is required to be on site at the same time. There is NO excuses or personal accommodations… the client and team come first.

This means, some people come from jobs the other side of perth… literally Rockingham up to Hillarys!! It also means (sometimes), people have to work on their day off!

I never hear a complaint!
I never get let down!
And… we don’t get paid for this either!

No, they do it for the team and for the clients.

That’s why I love to see sights like this 😉!

It reflects more than anyone would ever know.

Thanks guys xxx🍷

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