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What type of renovations do we do?

Posted on Jul 2, 2019 by in Renovation | 0 comments


What type of renovations do we do?

Ok, so there are the obvious “labels” that I can give you, such as…

1) Investment renovations (selling or renting)
2) Isolated areas renovations (kitchen/bathroom/flooring only)
3) Full house renovations (everything out and all new back in)
4) Custom renovations (individual and usually exquisite)
5) Extensions (adding to the square meters of living space)


Numbers 3 – 5 require a little bit of PRP (Perth Renovation Projex) magic!

We don’t JUST do a reno/extension, we create a HOT and DIFFERENT renovation that takes things to the next level!

We know how to get the vision right and put it together with the spunk and attitude that turns the obvious into WOW!

What’s the point in getting a reno and spending the money if it’s NOT a WOW!?!

As each project unfolds and comes to life, we see where there are options, tweakable things that the client gets to have a say on to take their renovation into a whole new realm of vision!

What’s a renovation if it’s not HOT?

So… does this mean MORE money and time?

Sometimes yes and sometimes… NO!!!

If it’s full height tiles, then yes! More tiles, more tiling cost and… cornice off, then cornice on!

If it’s introducing a different arrangement of tiles… no!

Same tiling, same expense in tiles, glue and grout… just a different placement or combination!

Go on… if you KNOW it’s time… let’s get YOUR home from the NOW… to the WOW! Xxx

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