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On line Courses and Events

Having been teaching and renovating for most of my life simultaneously, it will be no surprise that I teach courses on line.

From beginner 101 courses through to mentoring investors and business owners… it’s all happening!

I also have a facebook group for woman in business. For the Woman behind the business was designed to support the woman behind it all in being the best version of herself and therefore creating the best version of her businesses. Make sure you check it out and say hi!

At various times of the year, I speak of stage (mainly to investors) as a guest speaker in my industry. Register below to be informed when the next event is happening.


What We Offer

Mentoring investors and business owners

Facebook group For the Woman behind the business

Beginner 101 courses

Guest speaker in my industry

Bali Retreat 2019



Here is what was said about the Renovation 101 Course held last year!

“I have loved this so much!”

Thank you so much Shannon, I have loved this so much. It’s got my mind racing in overdrive as to what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do t and how it’s going to change my life!! I am so excited to do something I am passionate about rather than something soul destroying just because it pays good money.

Bec B.

“Loved this course…”

So sorry to miss the last live! Have loved this course Shann and will be going back over everything thoroughly, thank you so much for all of your time and generosity and for being so real!

Annie M.

“Invaluable wisdom..”

  • All I have to say is THANK YOU! So much invaluable wisdom, which is really all common sense, but oh so perfect in this super simple format 💛”
Anna S.

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