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Our Work

Our work

Here are a few of our projects, if you want to see more, make sure you head over to our facebook page.

This renovation was completely driven by the available budget. The property needed to be sold at a premium and was tired and bland. Blinds, flooring throughout, paint, lighting up dates and some minor landscaping ensured the value of the property increased double what the clients invested.


Arkwell Street

This property was an extensive INVESTMENT RENOVATION. The client purchased the property with the knowledge that the area was increasing rapidly in value. Buyers looking in this area were willing to pay for properties that had been renovated well and as a result, this property had a full exterior and interior renovation. This Property was sold for a record price at the time of sale and the clients made above their expected profit.

This property was purchased as an investment property. It had been an owner occupied property despite the condition it was acquired in. This property was part of a subdivide and renovate, value add, strategy and had a very tight budget for the works that were needed. Every internal surface was renovated leaving the house exceptionally desirable and marketable.



This was a home owner occupied renovation. They were clear on the look they wanted to achieve and expected a high standard of products and workmanship. This renovation was structural and Perth Renovation Projex handled all council requirements to complete the required works to code.

This was an investment property that had been tenanted for approximately 12 years. The owner needed to do a full renovation to ensure the maximum return on their investment as buyers in the area were looking for old character homes with an all new feel. The property was also subdivided so it was important to address the front yard making it pet and child proof and provide privacy.


Doolette St

This was a home occupied renovation and the owners wanted first class products and workmanship. The original bathroom was dated and had two entrances, the clients wanted to close these up to achieve optimum functionality. The products and colour scheme was chosen by the client and Perth Renovation Projex facilitated the renovation.

This was an investment renovation and part of a subdivide and renovate project. The clients had a very small budget and so the renovation was primarily cosmetic. New flooring, paint, lights, blinds and tile coating.



This was a family home that had seen the birth and childhood of three beautiful children. After 16 years, it was time to renovate and prepare for the next chapter of the family’s home.

This was a FULL house renovation. Whilst the floor plan was only altered a touch, we did change the elevation. Doors became high light windows, bathrooms had complete layout changes, the kitchen was a complete redesign and everything internal was updated. We even managed to fit in a shower head that lights up!!! Watching the youngest see this in the reveal is a moment I will cherish xx

This was MASSIVE! The property was purchased site unseen and due to a strong offer on the family’s original home… we had to move FAST! Whilst this was an exquisite renovation in both its products and finishes, it was one that the house and the location could accommodate.  8 weeks from the day of settlement and we were tools down! It is easier to answer what didn’t get touched… NOTHING! This was a big one and really showed what the team are capable of doing. Absolutely lived up to her name… The VIP Kardy!

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VIP Kardy

Spearwood Avenue

This property was purchased as an investment property. It had been an owner occupied property despite the condition it was acquired in. Perth Renovation Projex removed the rear portion of the house to allow for subdivision. This resulted in creating a laundry within the remaining property. It also had a full renovation with a bathroom and kitchen rebuild.


This property was built by a project builder and then finished by Perth Renovation Projex to look expensive and unique. The design, flooring, painting, landscaping, driveway, swimming pool, lighting, tiling and tiles were all done by Perth Renovation Projex. This property was valued on completion at $80,000 higher than other new 4 x 2 builds on similar blocks.

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